Sully Solo

Another unforgettable flight in Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger’s life took him into the skies above North Texas when he was just 16.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Summer White House

Sagamore Hill museum curator Susan Sarna talked with C&I about the 26th president and his famous residence.

The Visual Language of Beadwork

Beads tell a story of Native North American culture and resilience.

Apache Wars

In historian Paul Andrew Hutton’s latest book, this mostly forgotten drama of the American Southwest gets a comprehensive new examination.

Hemingway’s Idaho

The author had a special connection to Sun Valley, where he hunted, fished, found his “Family,” and was laid to rest.

AMC Takes on “The American West”

A new docudrama series from TV network that brought us Hell on Wheels is as expansive as the West itself.

Oklahomans, OK!

“Okla” is Choctaw for people. As much as it’s red earth and blue skies, mountains and lakes, tornadoes and earthquakes, and oil and gas, it’s Reba and Blake and hundreds of other Oklahomans who’ve shaped not just the state but the country.

Guns of History

Some special vintage firearms with singular Western credentials are on the market — including a war-trophy rifle once belonging to Chief Black Kettle that became part of Custer’s personal collection.