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The Premier Magazine Of The West

Cowboys & Indians. It’s about passion. Our pages are filled with it.

Passion for a place called the American West. Passion for the lifestyle, the attitude, the outlook.

It’s uniquely American and increasingly international. It honors the past and forges the future. And it’s been captivating an ever-growing readership for more than two decades.

As the voice and the vision of the modern Western life style, we cover a lot of exciting ground. The ideal road trip to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. A three-day weekend at Amangiri Resort and Lake Austin Spa Resort. The latest and greatest westerns, from Longmire and Justified to High Noon and The Searchers. Fabulous looks for fall and spring and what Wes Studi and Sam Elliott are wearing on the cover.

Knockout recipes from California wine country and the Texas Gulf Coast. The art market from Santa Fe to San Francisco, Scottsdale to Seattle. Movie cowboys and the real deal rodeo. The tastemakers and topics that show the West is more relevant than ever.

Which brings us to the question: Why is Cowboys & Indians the Premier Magazine of the West? One word. Passion.


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