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Edward S. Curtis and the Really Big Dream

On the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great 20th-century photographer and ethnologist, and the landmark republication of his masterwork, we …

Republication of Edward S. Curtis’ The North American Indian

Edward S. Curtis’ magnum opus is among the greatest achievements in publishing history. Christopher Cardozo’s word-for-word, picture-by-picture re-creation may not be far behind.

Edward S. Curtis: One Hundred Masterworks

A new book and exhibition select the best of the best from one of the great achievements in photographic history.

Edward Curtis, The “Shadow Catcher”

Author Timothy Egan’s biography brings new understanding to Indian cultures and to the famed photographer who documented their vanishing lifestyles.

Hostiles, February/March 2018

HOSTILES–Rosamund Pike, Christian Bale, and Wes Studi Take An Intense Journey

  • The Legacy of Edward S. Curtis
  • Greatest Festivals in the American West
  • Annual Photo Contest: The Winners
  • The New Westerns

On newsstands January 23, 2018.

Art Gallery: David Frederick Riley

Weaving the Western spirit into his paintings with every stroke of his brush, David Frederick Riley creates artwork that reflects …

Photo Essay: Exploring America’s Outback

Adventurer, lensman, and author John Annerino guides readers through bucket-list travels in a breathtaking new photography book, America’s Outback: An …

Art Beat: Celebrating Photography

Kenny Rogers didn’t just sing to America — he photographed it, as an exhibition at the Booth Western Art Museum …

Hunter Barnes And The People

The first photographer to be invited into the Nez Percé’s inner circle since Edward S. Curtis, Texas-based Hunter Barnes pursued …

Happy Trails: Honoring Those We Lost In 2021

Join us in looking back and honoring many of the important Western figures who passed away this year. JANUARY MICHAEL …