Native Photographer Ken Blackbird

The Native photographer’s “textured portraits” reflect the continuing vibrancy of the indigenous cultures he’s captured during his long and distinguished career.

Photographer Joel Sartore on Photogenic Nebraska

C&I talks with acclaimed international photographer Joel Sartore about photographing in his home state.

David Yarrow’s “The Amazing View” Photography Exhibition

The WRJ Design showroom in Jackson, Wyoming, will showcase photos by Scottish wildlife photographer David Yarrow February 20 – April 14.

Through A Dreamer’s Lens

The winner of our 12th annual photo contest, New York police detective Danny Nestor, is living his childhood cowboy dreams.

Hollywood and The American West

Photographer John R. Hamilton captured the American West through Hollywood’s eyes.

Richard Throssel: Crow Insider

Cree photographer Richard Throssel created an important and intimate photographic record of life on the Crow reservation in the early 1900s.

Frank A. Rinehart and the Indian Congress of 1898

The acclaimed photographer’s images stand the test of time.

Republication of Edward S. Curtis’ The North American Indian

Edward S. Curtis’ magnum opus is among the greatest achievements in publishing history. Christopher Cardozo’s word-for-word, picture-by-picture re-creation may not be far behind.