Ted Turner’s Photo Safaris

He owns western acreage the size of small countries. And, boy, can you get some good shots on the media mogul’s conservation ranches.

Laura Wilson

This Hollywood mother of Luke and Owen is a star in her own right behind the camera.

Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

A new coffee-table book by photographer Jeremy Enlow shows the beauty and grit of a vanishing lifestyle at the United States’ biggest single-fence ranch.

A Montana Schoolhouse Revisited

One room, no running water, no students in 70 years. But as photographer Thomas Lee shows, this schoolhouse in rural Montana still serves as the heart of a community.

Giving Thanks on Alcatraz

For the past 40 years, American Indians of all tribes have returned to “The Rock” on Thanksgiving Day to commemorate the Occupation of Alcatraz. This year, photographer Paula Schultz was there to document it.

Horace Poolaw

A monograph of one of the most prolific American Indian photographers of his time makes a great holiday gift.

Edward Curtis, The “Shadow Catcher”

Author Timothy Egan’s biography brings new understanding to Indian cultures and to the famed photographer who documented their vanishing lifestyles.

The Cowboy Returns

The Briscoe Western Art Museum is proud to unveil its first original exhibition — a collection of photographic works by …