Richard Throssel: Crow Insider

Cree photographer Richard Throssel created an important and intimate photographic record of life on the Crow reservation in the early 1900s.

Frank A. Rinehart and the Indian Congress of 1898

The acclaimed photographer’s images stand the test of time.

Republication of Edward S. Curtis’ The North American Indian

Edward S. Curtis’ magnum opus is among the greatest achievements in publishing history. Christopher Cardozo’s word-for-word, picture-by-picture re-creation may not be far behind.

“Facing the Wind” Wild-Horse Exhibit Is Expanding

Michael Golembeski, the director of the WindDancer Foundation, is adding a historical flair to his wild horses and burros photography exhibit.

Charles Lummis: Reimaging the American West

A timely documentary explores the life and influence of Charles Fletcher Lummis in Los Angeles and beyond.

Charles Fletcher Lummis: Character With a Camera

The pioneering photojournalist tramped across the country, fought for Native American rights in the Southwest, advised a president, and helped shape the development of Los Angeles.

Scott Baxter’s Palladium Prints

In a digital age, this photographer keeps his methods classic.

Two Swedes Go Floating in Sausalito

Quick, before it gentrifies beyond recognition: Lars Åberg and Lars Strandberg have produced an inviting look into the Bay Area counterculture houseboat community of Sausalito.