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C&I's Poem of the Week for 4/13/2011

As I sit atop this hill overlooking the country side
I often wonder just how lucky I am.
To be able to live, work and raise my family
In a place so grand 

I feel sorry for those who never get a chance
Too see the beauty of these hills
Because as I sit here and ponder
The vastness of this land it gives me chills

There is even more sorrow
For the ones who sees only grass and a cow
For it is evident to me that when you stand in this place
You should feel God somehow.

It is these places and these moments
That make working so hard seem like what we should do
Because this way of life
Is reserved for the very few

The masses clamor around in towns and fight for a dollar
And that is just fine with me
We will most likely never get rich
But standing here today there is peace as far as I can see

To love this land you must be able to see its potential
Even when it’s hard to find
When the rains don’t come and the bank notes behind
It’s easy to become blind

Most of these hills are much the same today
As they were in the beginning
To think that not many men have ever stood in this spot
Makes it even more of a blessing

A light wind blows
And the grass gently sways
Just like it did here for my dad
And granddads days

This place was not reserved
For me and my family to own
But rather for us to protect and appreciate
So we can pass on 

Generations of my family
Have preserved this land
It is their sweat and labors that put me here
Where I stand 

It wasn’t long ago when as a boy my father
And I both were here and he said that one day it would all be mine
But I would need to work hard
And then it would only be a matter of time 

Now I stand alone here with my eyes on the future
With thoughts of a new plan
But never forgetting the lessons taught
And the knowledge passed on by that man 

It has all been passed to me
Not only this place but also the family name
It’s my turn to be responsible for its care and preservation
So I can pass it on just the same 


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