The iconic Resistol brand gets back to its roots with the new Double R line of classic cowboy pearl-snaps.

First hitting shelves in August, the Double R collection is already creating buzz in stores across the country. What enabled it to launch with such momentum? First and foremost, it comes from a brand we already know and trust when it comes to quality, design, and fit.

The latest release from Resistol, Double R is all about enduring style. You’ll find nothing but classic Western appeal among its debut designs, boasting front and back yokes, subdued colorways, and traditional plaids and prints that pay tribute to the pre-Urban Cowboy pearl-snap. These shirts are timeless yet on-trend, understated yet stylish, retro yet contemporary — and all made in fabrics treated with a unique enzyme wash for a heavenly soft finish. “ ... [We] made an internal decision to get back to our roots,” noted Annie Barrientos, who oversees Resistol apparel at Hatco, when the new line was first announced at the beginning of the year. “We are seeing a move back to a more core look. There are a lot of vintage looks having a resurgence, mostly from the 1970s. Americana Vintage is in.”

Adapted from the print feature in the Fall 2016 issue of C&I's sister publication,Western & English Today, a business-to-business magazine. To read the issue and find out more about W&E, visit the website. See more from Double R by Resistol in the C&I Spring 2017 fashion feature here.