The legendary Texas bootmaker recently released a brand-new line of ropers for working cowboys.

Lucchese is a Western icon. It's a name as synonymous with cowboy boots as Stetson is with the ten-gallon hat. Thanks to the timeless elegance and artisan craftsmanship of Lucchese's collections, the Texas bootmaker has become the go-to for dress boots — for cowboys, musicians, celebrities, and even presidents.

Upscale sophistication has been paramount to the brand, but recently Lucchese has broadened its focus to also include performance footwear, launching a new line of Cow Horse boots with  stirrup-friendly rubber outsoles. “What we’re really excited about is, people will stop thinking about Lucchese only as a dress boot company,” says Teddy Boxberger, senior director of marketing for Lucchese. “They’ve got a way now to wear Lucchese at all times, whether they’re in the barn or going to an event, or in the office or in the saddle.”

As for performance features, these work boots offer shock absorption and conforming insole technology. They resist abrasion, oil, and water, and the outsoles are designed to release mud and debris. But, rest assured, they’re still handcrafted to Lucchese standard.
Look and style were certainly not forgotten, either. “Something at Lucchese we hold very near and dear to our hearts is, we’re not going to do anything unless we can do it the Lucchese way," says Trey Gilmore, director of men’s product development. "From an aesthetic standpoint, have the right Lucchese toe — in this particular style our ‘W’ toe — and have the high quality leathers and look that people expect from us.” Think ostrich, elephant, and oil-waxed cowhide.

Excerpted from the Summer 2017 issue of our sister trade publication, Western and English Today