Photography: Courtesy American Born Whiskey

February 3 is the anniversary of America’s fully recognized independence. Celebrate it with a whiskey born in its honor.

According to its founders, American Born Whiskey is a distilled version of American history that pays homage to our country’s recognized independence on February 3, 1783, with the spirits’ brands 83 stars and its adoption of the American rallying cry, Don’t Tread on Me. Indeed, whiskey like the independent American spirit has persevered. Think of the 1791 Whiskey Rebellion and Prohibition. American Born Whiskey wants to give us a taste of that.

You can have a taste of it too with this American Born Whiskey recipe.

American Peach Tea

Courtesy American Born Whiskey, Nashville

1½ ounces American Born Peach Whiskey (or your favorite peach-flavored whiskey)
3 ounces freshly brewed tea
Splash of lemonade
Lemon wedge, for garnish

Pour ingredients into a glass with ice. Stir until mixed well. Garnish with lemon wedge, and enjoy!

For more information on American Born Whiskey, visit the company’s website.

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