Photography: Courtesy Sourced Craft Cocktails

No longer relegated to fine dining restaurants for high-end speakeasies, barrel-aged cocktails can now be shipped to your front door.

Beer is barrel-aged. Wine is barrel-aged. Whiskey is barrel-aged. Cocktails, however, are hand-crafted gems that require a sliver of patience on the part of the customer. Sourced Craft Cocktails is changing that by offering barrel-aged cocktails delivered to your home, office, shop, or wherever you think you’ll want to party.

So how does the program work? For a monthly subscription, Sourced Craft Cocktails will send a mixologist to your door to prepare one of 12 cocktail packages. Each package includes all of the ingredients, hand-cut ice, and a charred 5-liter barrel (enough for 60 cocktails).

According to Sourced Craft Cocktails: “As with whiskey, bourbon, and scotch, the cocktail barreling allows flavoring from the wood and charring to be added to the balance of acidity, sweetness, and ethanol. Uniquely, barrel aging a cocktail also provides a forum for melding of flavoring to a greater extent, not to mention to a greater audience.”

Sourced’s cocktails are crafted by a network of the nation’s top mixologists, including Brian Floyd (Dallas), Jeramy Campbell (Austin, Texas), and Lauren Lowe (Denver), and they’re offering curated holiday-inspired beverages such as the one shared below.

You’ll Shoot Your Rye Out

3/8 ounces Crème De Cacao (chocolate liqueur)
3/8 ounces Leopold Bros. American Orange Liqueur (or preferred orange liqueur)
2 ounces Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey
Cocktailpunk Aromatic Bitters (or preferred bitters), for garnish (optional)

Build cocktail in mixing glass. Roll drink from mixing glass to shaker.

Pour into rimmed lowball cocktail glass, garnish, and serve.

For more information as well as quotes, visit Sourced Craft Cocktails’ website.


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