Contemporary Texas on Film

These films from the past four decades have helped define how outsiders view the Lone Star State. George Stevens’ Giant …

Top Modern Westerns: 25 Films To Watch Now

These 25 films represent the advancements of the genre in the last two decades. Find out how to watch them now. …

The Magnificent Seven

A star-studded cast helps director Antoine Fuqua put a new spin on a western classic.


Clint Eastwood directs Tom Hanks as Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger in Sully, a new movie about the miraculous plane landing that made the Texas-born pilot the Hero on the Hudson.

Sneak Peek: Los Padres Outfitters

Check out this trailer for a short film about a California horseback outfitting company that has thrived in the wake of tragedy.

Robert Duvall

We catch up with one of our all-time favorites as he goes south of the border in Bill Wittliff’s A Night in Old Mexico.

The Lone Ranger

In the new Disney take on the classic western series, Armie Hammer dons the hero’s mask and Johnny Depp gets his Tonto on.