Charles Fletcher Lummis: Character With a Camera

The pioneering photojournalist tramped across the country, fought for Native American rights in the Southwest, advised a president, and helped shape the development of Los Angeles.

Scott Baxter’s Palladium Prints

In a digital age, this photographer keeps his methods classic.

Two Swedes Go Floating in Sausalito

Quick, before it gentrifies beyond recognition: Lars Åberg and Lars Strandberg have produced an inviting look into the Bay Area counterculture houseboat community of Sausalito.

Cowboying on the Sagebrush Sea

Tending to livestock in Nevada’s Great Basin was and is a lonely job. But the life and the landscape aren’t as sparse as they might seem.

The Beading Circle

Photographer Erika Haight had the honor of beading — and being — with members of the Montana Crow family who have adopted her.

Homeland: Photographs by Barry Goldwater

An Arizona politician left behind a legacy of photographs.

The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale Is Like Mardi Gras for Cowboys

In the world of rodeo, the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale is in a category all by itself.

Bob Wade

The artist combined painting with old black-and-white photos for a career that has lasted more than 40 years.