California’s Iconic Tunnel Tree Toppled by Storm

The famous Pioneer Cabin Tree collapsed during California’s powerful storms this past weekend.

The Earth Is Weeping

The author of a new Indian Wars history gets lost in the past at the site of a crucial battle where Gen. George Crook lost his stomach for the fight some 140 years ago.

Blackfeet Leader Elouise Cobell Honored With Medal of Freedom

President Barack Obama will present the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Blackfeet tribal community leader Elouise Cobell.

Heroic Marine War Horse Sgt. Reckless Honored at Camp Pendleton with Monument Unveiling

The one-time racehorse-turned-Marine whose heroism earned her the Purple Heart with Gold Star and a spot in Life magazine continues to receive well-deserved accolades.

Sacred Places

Native connections to the Earth abound in the American West.

The Unforgettable 1911 Pendleton Round-Up

It came down to three very different riders vying for the saddle-bronc championship title and the silver saddle when the official decision clashed with the people’s pick.

Jackson Sundown

The Nez Perce horseman’s triumphant 1916 ride capped his rodeo career and went down in Pendleton Round-Up history.

Park Paragons of the West

Among dozens of historic icons who dedicated their lives to what’s been called “America’s Best Idea,” here we salute four standouts in the American West.