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Book Shelf: Frederick Weygold

American painter, photographer, and ethnographer Frederick Weygold studied the life and culture of North American Indians, presenting his findings artistically and scientifically.

Warren Zevon, Piano Fighter

An appreciation of Warren Zevon, the extraordinary songwriter behind “Poor Poor Pitiful Me,” “Carmelita,” “Lawyers, Guns and Money,” and “Werewolves of London.”

On View: Ken Burns’ American Quilts

Who knew Ken Burns was so into quilts? The International Quilt Study Center & Museum did, and it’s exhibited a lot of fine examples of Americana from the famed filmmaker’s never-before-displayed private collection.

Correspondence: For All The Tired Little Cowboys And Cowgirls

Photo shared by a C&I reader brings back an old vacation memory.

Junk Gypsy by Lane Boots

This collaborative collection, designed by the creators of Junk Gypsy and made by Lane Boots, keeps getting bigger, better, and bolder.

Western & Co.

Hailey Nelson created this collection as a reflection of her own killer sense of style — an eclectic mix of boho, Old West, honky-tonk, and rock ’n’ roll vibes.

Western Homestead: Your Winter Checklist

Learn how to winter-proof your Western homestead.

The Legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine

There’s gold in them there hills — or is there? In the Superstition Mountains outside of Phoenix, people have died trying to find out.