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High Roll in Las Vegas During NFR

If you’re going to do Las Vegas, do it grand and in December. We’ll show you how.

Recipes: Queen Creek Pom Sour Cocktail and Beef Tartare

Agustín Kitchen gives the bistro a Southwestern turn.

John Wayne’s Movie-Magical Transformation

By starring in films from 1939 to 1976, John Wayne evolved from actor into icon.

Sun River Ranch

A historic Montana ranch provides an important migration corridor for indigenous wildlife.

Recipe: Black-Bean Turkey Enchiladas

These black bean turkey enchiladas from the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch get an extra kick from green chiles.

Have Horse, Will Travel

To be the Working Ranch Cowboys Association world champion, you’ve got to live the cowboy life inside and outside of the arena. Travis Duncan does just that.

Recipe: American Beauty Venison Backstrap

A simple but classic venison and Cumberland sauce dish makes for a spectacular holiday dinner.

Sheila Cottrell’s Old West Art

The artist’s ranching roots and childhood inspire her portrayals of the Old West.