Remington Raisonné Redux

He’s been one of our best-loved artists for more than 100 years, and, as expert Peter H. Hassrick knows after editing the new definitive collection of his “flat” art, there’s still more to glean about Frederic Remington.

Ethan Hawke

After 30 years in the movie business, the multitalented, multitasking actor is finally getting his cowboy and Indian on.

Apache Wars

In historian Paul Andrew Hutton’s latest book, this mostly forgotten drama of the American Southwest gets a comprehensive new examination.

Hemingway’s Idaho

The author had a special connection to Sun Valley, where he hunted, fished, found his “Family,” and was laid to rest.

Smoking with Steven Raichlen

The barbecue master has studied culinary history as far back as the Middle Ages, and now he’s looking ahead to the smoky future.

“For A Little While”

Montana writer Rick Bass learned his craft from a couple of unlikely sources: rejection letters and his career as a petroleum geologist.

Charles M. Russell: Watercolors

Charles M. Russell holds a special place as one of the West’s most beloved visual storytellers. An exciting new book tells the little-known story of his accomplished watercolors.

Recollections of a Cowpuncher

He rode with Charles Russell and inspired “Lonesome Dove.” But E.C. “Teddy Blue” Abbott’s life dream was to write a true tale of life on the trail.