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In Memory of Chris LeDoux

C&I's Poem of the Week for 3/14/2012

 He still rides those broncs
 With a grin a mile wide
 But he now bucks em out
 On the far side of the sky.

 With spurs of gold
 His barbed wire halo
 Still making the circuit
 Riding in the celestial rodeo

 He's still out there
 Singing and carrying on
 While back here in the dirt
 We live through his songs.

 Your legacy lives on
 It's tried and true.
 Lets all tip our hats
 To one of the greatest.
 Mr. Chris LeDoux.

C&I's Poem of the Week for 3/7/2012. Click to learn more about the life and legacy of Chris LeDoux (October 2, 1948 – March 9, 2005). Would you like to contribute? Send your poetry to with "poetry" in the subject line. Select entries will appear online.


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