Photography: Courtesy Will Morgan Holland

C&I has an exclusive first listen to Jacob Thomas Jr.’s new single, “Carousel,” off of his upcoming album, Electric Sex, out March 16.

Fronted with a rugged voice and light synths, Jacob Thomas Jr.’s melodic new track “Carousel” takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster with lyrics that explore heartbreak and letting go of lost love.

“‘Carousel’ is about the ups and downs at the end of a relationship,” Thomas says. “For some reason, people have a tendency to return to the comfort of familiarity, even when we know that it’s only delaying the inevitable end. After a while of the leaving and returning, it almost feels like a contest to see who can leave the bigger scar.”

We’re guessing lots of people can relate and will connect with the songs on the southern Louisiana native’s emotionally charged Electric Sex, a follow-up to his debut LP, Original Sin.

Listen to “Carousel” below.

For more information on Jacob Thomas Jr. and his upcoming album, visit his website.