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Check out several past C&I pieces on U.S. presidents and first ladies in honor of Presidents’ Day 2017.

Every February brings us Presidents’ Day, a holiday that began as a marker of George Washington’s birthday but has evolved into a celebration of all our nation’s past commanders-in-chief. A day off for many, February 20 this year should serve as an occasion for all Americans to put personal politics aside (at least for a few minutes) and honor those who’ve served in the country’s highest office.

In that spirit, allow us to share some of the presidential stories and pieces C&I has published over the years:

Ronald Reagan, July 2001

A few years before our 40th president’s 2004 passing at the age of 93, C&I featured Ronald Reagan on its cover. Inside, readers found the story of how Reagan transformed a California ranch into the “Western White House.”

  • Read the story online here and order a back issue (complete with interior ranch photos) here.

George W. Bush, December 2002

The holiday edition of C&I 15 years ago featured 43rd President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, grinning in a truck along with their English springer spaniel, Spot. The story inside dug into the origins and operations of their own alternate White House, their ranch in Crawford, Texas.

  • Read the story online here and order a back issue here.

Theodore Roosevelt, August/September 2016

We photographed cover star Ethan Hawke at historic Sagamore Hill, 26th President Theodore Roosevelt’s Long Island home that became known as the first “summer White House.” That gave us the opportunity to dig into the home’s history with the curator of the property, Susan Sarna.

  • Read the story online here and order a back issue here.

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Happy Presidents’ Day!