Jeff Bridges

C&I Digital Streaming: Classic, Comic, and Contemporary Westerns

Introducing a weekly guide to viewing options on streaming services. There are so many options for streaming service subscribers...

Take 3: Continuing the Countdown for “100 Best Westerns Ever Made”

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Bridges on Birmingham

Gil Birmingham’s Hell or High Water costar, Jeff Bridges, speaks of the true kinship formed on the set.

Jeff Bridges

We chat with the Oscar winner about westerns, time spent in Montana, charitable work, and his role in the...

Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges Star in “Only the Brave”

Advance reviews indicate director Joseph Kosinski’s fact-based drama starring Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges is a must-see movie.

Watching Westerns: John Wayne shows a dark side in “The Searchers”

Jeff Bridges, Val Kilmer also are saddling up for action this week.

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