Living West

But Now I Ride

There is no printed job description for “cowgirl.” After being asked to contribute an essay to C&I’s cowgirl issue, I …

Fort Bridger Rendezvous

Jim Bridger might rest in peace in Independence, Missouri, but you can still experience the wild and woolly mountain man era at the Fort Bridger Rendezvous.

Lesser Prairie-Chickens, Unite!

The effort to save one of America’s most beloved upland birds proves what’s good for the bird is good for the herd.

Mountain Man Grub

These good old-fashioned Dutch oven recipes are excellent served at a mountain man rendezvous or at the homestead.

44 Farms Wants You to Know Your Rancher

One of the top names in cattle ranching is a chef’s prime partner.

The Petaluma Seed Bank

A small shop is doing a big job of saving all-natural heirloom seeds — and they’re available to more than just farmers.

The Future Generations Ride

Every December, hundreds of American Indian riders pay tribute to those who died in the Wounded Knee Massacre by tracing …

From Field to Bottle

Meet the farmers who grow the grains that make some of the country’s top whiskeys.