Living West

Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies

Saddle up for a tour of Alberta’s backcountry.

Pendleton Round-Up Reveals This Year’s Poster

Western artist Buckeye Blake is this year’s Pendleton Round-Up poster artist.

Chuck Wagon Royalty

The legendary patriarch of a Canadian chuck wagon racing family seeks one last crown.

Let Them Be Wild

A Navajo ranch family gives a home to unwanted equines at the Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary in Wyoming.

Best of the West: People, Places, and Passions

We’ve rounded up our picks for people, places, and passions that keep the West alive.

The Modern Empire of the Saddle

The patriarch of the R.A. Brown Ranch in West Texas embraces science, technology, and business diversification to maintain his cattle dynasty’s improbable longevity.

Travel the Old West Through Texas Dance Halls

Two-step your way through Texas landmarks on the Texas Dance Hall Tour March 20 – 26.

Bison’s Snuggly Side

American bison produce some of the world’s softest, warmest wool. Brian Linton wants to win it the appreciation it deserves — and clothe legions of converts besides.