Native American brother-and-sister group Sihasin debuts the new track “Strong Together,” exclusively with C&I.

Hailing from the Diné (Navajo) Nation in northern Arizona, award-winning musicians Jeneda Benally and Clayson Benally joined creative forces to create the exceptionally talented sibling duo Sihasin.

Their name is the Navajo word for hope, and their sound — Clayson on bass and Jeneda on drums — is inspired by hard punk, folk, and pop.

Sihasin’s first album, the gritty and politically driven Never Surrender, earned a devoted fan base and multiple awards on the American Indian music scene.

Now, the freedom-fighting duo is back with more electric punch on their sophomore album, Fight Like a Woman, out now.

The distortion-heavy standout “Strong Together” follows in the footsteps of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” by using children’s voices to punctuate the track. Overall the track embodies the possibility of hope, strength, and unity for the future.

“The song was inspired by the fact that we are a force when we find our commonality rather than our differences.  With the movements and hashtag societies we are changing the isolation of injustice. This song is a call for unity to create healthy and respectful communities,” Jeneda says.

The video for “Strong Together” makes a similarly powerful statement. Directed by Hopi/Diné filmmaker Jake Hoyungowa, the video includes previously unreleased footage from Standing Rock filmed by Indigenous filmmaker Rose Stiffarm.

"It’s amazing to have ‘Strong Together’ visually brought to life. We really wanted to show the movements that still exist today. Many people read about the Indigenous Movements of the past and perhaps haven’t had the opportunity to recognize that as indigenous peoples, we still continue the legacy that was led by our ancestors for equality, justice, and freedom," Jeneda says.

Get an exclusive first look at the music video for“Strong Together” below.

For more information on Sihasin and their upcoming performances, visit their website. Photography: Sihasin is seen with their horse Moonshadow in a canyon in Cameron, Arizona/Courtesy Brent Stirton/Reportage for Le Figaro Magazine.

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