Americana staple Paul Cauthen debuts his new track, “Lil’ Son,” exclusively with C&I.

Growing up in Tyler, Texas, Americana singer-songwriter Paul Cauthen was heavily influenced by his grandfather, a songwriter and gospel music leader who taught Cauthen and his two sisters to sing harmony.

This foundation led Cauthen, along with bassist David Beck, to co-found the rowdy Texicana group Songs of Fathers, where he got his first taste of success when the band’s two albums reached the Top 10 on the Americana Music Chart.

After parting ways with Sons of Fathers, Cauthen found solace in going solo, a turn that’s strengthened his relationship with God and solidified his talent as a songwriter.

Cauthen’s latest solo musical endeavor, Have Mercy, turns traditional country music on its head with psychedelic sounds and a fresh take on spaghetti Western-style melodies.

EP highlights include “Lil’ Son,” a plucky steel-guitar track that was recorded in Dallas and produced by Beau Patrick Bedford. It’s the only track on Have Mercy written entirely by Cauthen.

He wrote the especially wholesome tune to pay homage to his late grandfather and to his own roots growing up in the church.

“My granddad used to talk to me like that,” Cauthen says. “I wrote that song about riding around in his jeep and listening to his instructions, morality, and how he thought I should be raised. He died at 61, and I think he knew he was gonna die young. He always said that whenever he’s long gone to tell them that he might have done some wrong, but that’s all in the past. All you have to do is ask [for forgiveness].”

Get an exclusive first listen to “Lil’ Son” below.

 For more information on Paul Cauthen and his upcoming tour dates, visit his website. Photography: Courtesy Jody Domingue.

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