Photography: Courtesy Cal Quinn

Americana group Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner releases a new music video for its rendition of the Willie Nelson classic “Red Headed Stranger.”

Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner is the latest project by Dallas-born singer-songwriter John Pedigo, who’s played in several other bands, including The O’s with fellow musician Taylor Young.

The curious name Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner was inspired by Pedigo’s father’s undrinkable homemade beer. The music he makes in homage to his dad, though, is definitely drinkable.

Taking his experiences with different genres — from rock and rockabilly to country and folk — Pedigo blends styles to create the distinctive sound captured on his new Americana self-titled album, out March 2.

Recently, Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner recorded a cover of “Red Headed Stranger,” made famous by Willie Nelson. And we’ve got an exclusive first look at the music video.

Filmed in the same studio where Nelson originally recorded the song, the video highlights the recording process Pedigo conceived to be unfiltered and intimate, paying justice to Nelson’s 1975 version of the song written by Edith Lindeman (lyrics) and Carl Stutz (music) and published in 1953.

“I had the idea a little while back about getting into historic studios or spots around the world and cutting an essential song from that space,” he says. “In the situation of Audio Dallas — what used to be Autumn Sound Studios — we recorded Willie Nelson’s ‘Red Headed Stranger.’ As a producer, I’ve worked out of that space many times, and we cut our record there so we’re very comfortable with the operation. It’s so old-school — all original aside from the name change. I mean, the thermostat is still the same! Love it in there.”

Watch the video below to see Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner’s cover of “Red Headed Stranger.”

For more information on Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner and their upcoming tour dates, visit their website.