C&I has an exclusive first listen to country-rocker Charlie Overbey’s newest track, “Outlaws,” off of his upcoming Broken Arrow album.

If you like honky-tonk country music from artists like Johnny Cash, then this new track from multitalented country rock ’n’ roller Charlie Overbey is for you. Driven by a pedal steel, bluesy guitar riffs, and lyrics about the passing of outlaw great Waylon Jennings, the song “Outlaws” is country folk rock that packs a gritty emotional punch.

“‘Outlaws’ is derived from my thoughts and haunting realizations about losing so many of the great talents and artists of our time,” Overbey says. “It’s a song about dreaming big and creating magic. It’s a song of hope. It’s a song about keeping our late musical heroes close to the heart and having faith in new artists to carry the torch for generations to come. It’s about those of us who refuse to buy into the concept of being part of the herd, and the spirit of ‘Waylon’s Way’ taking the wheel, so to speak.”

Overbey, who also designs custom cowboy hats with his company, Lone Hawk, is a California rocker with a flair for the Western lifestyle. Witness the panache with which he pulls off wearing his distinctive vintage-inspired hats.

“Outlaws” also features a stunning performance by the Mastersons, who play backup for the legendary Steve Earle. The track is a fantastic preview of Overbey’s upcoming album, Broken Arrow, a compilation of songs from a man who has been through hard times and come away wiser.

Check out Overbey’s latest nostalgic track from Broken Arrow.

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