Photo: Courtesy Reckoning Public Relations

Southern rock group The Vegabonds give C&I readers an exclusive first listen to the forthcoming single “Partyin’ With Strangers.”

The Alabama-born group The Vegabonds got their start in 2009 playing college campuses across the Southwestern United States, earning high praise for their authentic Southern sound and effortless crowd energy.

To date, they’ve released three albums, with a fourth on the way, and their new single, “Partyin’ With Strangers,” serves up some of the charismatic country twang rock and energy that’s racking up fans everywhere for the Vegabonds.

“Over the past year, ‘Partyin’ With Strangers’ has been a staple in our live set and it quickly became a crowd favorite. The title describes life on the road for us, and life in general as we all journey through it. It was an easy choice for it to be our next single, and we couldn’t be happier with the way the recording turned out. So make a drink and play it loud,” says lead singer Danny Allen.

The Vegabonds also have exciting plans for future touring and new music.

“‘Partyin’ With Strangers’ is one we love and that will be released on Friday, and actually, we have another single in the can ready to go behind this one called ‘Everything I Need.’ Our New Orleans buddy Brad Walker, who was the sax player in Sturgill’s touring band, laid down some horns for us on it. We have a big hometown show with Waker in Nashville on 12/29 at Exit/In that we’re excited about, and then we’re hoping to play locally here in February in a small residency type setting, while continuing to write and record. Then it’s time to gear up for a big festival season next spring and summer,” says Allen.

In the meantime, check out this exclusive first listen to the foot-tapping “Partyin’ With Strangers.”

For more information on The Vegabonds and their upcoming tour dates, visit their website.