Photography: Carrie Carnevale

Just give this one 20 seconds. As soon as you hear that rubbery descending upright bass line and that New Orleans ragtime trumpet, you’ll suspect you’re in for something different with The Sound of Ghosts’ catchy new track, “Fall Apart.” Anna Orbison’s theatrical, throwback singing will confirm it when she hits the dramatic line “I’m trying to fix myself by breaking myself down.”

The six-piece band from Los Angeles is indeed something different, a blend of folk, Americana, and roots music played with rock ’n’ roll energy. The band is led by the husband-and-wife team of Anna and James Orbison and includes guitarist Ernesto Rivas, fiddle/mandolin player Phoebe Silva, drummer Jon Sarna, and trumpeter Paul Litteral.

“Fall Apart” follows the lead single “Train to Nowhere” from the upcoming release Delivery and Departure, the band’s sophomore effort after its debut, Come Home.

“‘Fall Apart’ is all about the type of person you know (or maybe who we ourselves are) that tear themselves apart in hopes that it will make themselves better or stronger or maybe they even tend to live in that place of falling apart and feel most comfortable there,” bassist-singer James Orbison says. “In the end, it’s about breaking yourself down to put the pieces back together.”

Check it out. We bet you stick around for longer than that first 20 seconds.

Visit the band’s website for more information, including upcoming show dates.