Photography: Courtesy Cowboy Cauldron

Here are our must-have items for roughin’ it without sacrificing culinary conveniences or style.

Cowboy Cauldron makes ’em both bigger and smaller, but “The Urban Cowboy” is just about right for the average Joe who wants to add a little Western flair to a gathering. Its 30-inch basin allows for any kind of campfire cooking, and it also warms up the troops without the need to dig up an inch of ground. S’mores, anyone? ($1,695)

Sometimes you have to take the party with you, up a mountain or down a valley. You could pack the MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit along with your tent if you want the ability to heat water or other foods quickly and easily — the stove itself weighs a little more than 3 ounces but can boil water in a few minutes. A pot, accessories, bowls, utensils, and mugs are included as well. ($99.95)

While Yeti has now branched out to personal coolers and tumblers, its original Tundra series is still the standard-bearer when it comes to keeping food and beverages fresh and cold on all manner of expeditions. There are 13 models, from the 14-can Roadie ($199.99) to the 82.4-gallon 350 ($1,299.99).

Bring Cowboys & Indians along during your next outing. Our Bucking Bronc Wine Tumbler adds equal parts style and functionality to an outdoor sippin’ session. ($29.95)

From the October 2017 Taste of the West Issue.

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