Photo: Cameron Gott

Brandon Rhyder gives C&I a first listen to his latest single, “I Hate This Town,” off his new self-titled album.

After taking time off to learn more about himself, Texas country singer Brandon Rhyder is now ready to release new music: He’s coming out with his seventh studio album on July 14. The self-titled album is a masterpiece four years in the making, diving deep into Rhyder not only as a singer-songwriter, but as a father, friend, and husband.

“I know that life has changed for me and my priorities are not the same as they were early in my career,” Rhyder says. “I love what I have been able to accomplish over these years, and I hope my music and words continue to evolve. After the hiatus, I have discovered that I am still unapologetically me, and hopeful that this collection resonates with the fans. With Walt Wilkins at the helm, I am at ease in the studio, and as I age I continue to strive to learn and grow. All of my records are different. They will always be different. For that I am grateful.”

Taking time for himself was exactly what Rhyder needed in order to get a fresh approach to music and to truly find his purpose in the business.

“Things change, people change. Life throws us curveballs and we must adapt,” he says. “My emphasis is on my family and making sure I don't miss my kids growing up. My plan is to continue to evolve and follow my dreams. To learn from past mistakes and make new memories. I have never been the most popular, and I know my music is different, but I do know that this is what I was put on this planet to do. I am blessed and if I get even luckier, I plan to keep on keeping on.”

Fans don’t have to anticipate any longer: C&I has an exclusive first listen to his upcoming track “I Hate This Town,” a classic country tune co-written by Rhyder and Keith Gattis, about the trials and tribulations of relationships and reality.

“I was up in Nashville for some writing sessions and met up with longtime friend and fellow Texan Keith Gattis. We met on the Row and went to his place to write. ... [We] grabbed some beers and headed for the back porch. I had some lines for a possible tune called ‘I Hate This Town,’ and the rest is history. We basically ripped it up and started over with this premise in mind — loving the nightlife, but realizing the sober truth when you start coming down. Gattis is an amazing writer and player. Took a couple of hours, tops.”

His new album comes on July 14, but in the meantime, have an exclusive listen to “I Hate This Town.” Find more on Rhyder's website.