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“Treasure of the Broken Land: The Songs of Mark Heard,” a new tribute album to the late singer-songwriter Mark Heard will be released June 2.

Influential singer-songwriter and producer Mark Heard passed away on August 16, 1992, but his timeless lyrics live on through a new tribute album, Treasure of the Broken Land: The Songs of Mark Heard.

Marking the 25th anniversary of his untimely death from cardiac arrest, the 18-track compilation celebrates the best of Heard’s music from his last three albums — Dry Bones Dance, Second Hand, and Satellite Sky — with an emphasis on the Georgia native’s poetic lyrics. With artists like Drew Holcomb, Rodney Crowell, Buddy Miller, Matt Haeck, and many more lending their voices and personal styles to Heard’s intuitive and expressive words, Treasure of the Broken Land shines with wistful nostalgia.

Each of the artists making a cameo on the album was thoughtfully recruited by producers Jeff Grantham or Phil Madeira. Then, together, they set about pairing each singer with the right song culled from Heard’s catalogue. The result is a beautifully diverse compilation of songs touching on every genre.

Folk singer Haeck, who opens the album with a bluesy folk cover of “The Dry Bones Dance,” went through quite a process to insert his style into his take of the song.

“First, I have to listen to the song about 400 times,” Haeck says in a press release. “And I have to listen in different ways. If it’s an honest song, I’ll find something within the song to connect deeply to, even if it takes a lot of repetition.”

Along with Haeck, Holcomb, from the Americana-folk band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, felt a similar commitment to doing justice to Heard’s lyrics for his lively rendition of “Tip of My Tongue.”

“I loved his alternative approach at making music about faith and life that was confessional instead of prescriptive,” Holcomb reflects in a press release.

Bringing awareness to Heard’s stunning body of work is one of the main goals of the project. Grantham also hopes Treasure of the Broken Land will make Heard’s widow, Janet, and his daughter, Rebecca, proud.

“I have a loftier goal in mind,” he confesses in a press release. “In these challenging times, ‘music heals’ has become a mantra for many artists. I sincerely hope this collection of songs is part of the healing process and that it has a positive impact on those who hear it.”

The hole that Heard left in the world of music will be partially filled by this wonderfully orchestrated album’s reflective and reinvigorated covers, adding new layer to Heard’s transcendent musical influence.

Track listing:

“The Dry Bones Dance” - Matt Haeck
“I Just Wanna Get Warm” - Levi Parham
“Rise From The Ruins” - Birds of Chicago
“What Kind Of Friend” - Lily & Madeleine
“Everything Is Alright” - Sean Rowe
“Nod Over Coffee” - Rodney Crowell
“Mercy Of The Flame” - Cruz Contreras
“House Of Broken Dreams” - Amy Speace
“Tip Of My Tongue” - Drew Holcomb
“Worry Too Much” - Willie Sugarcapps
“Orphans Of God” - Amy Helm, Cindy Morgan, and Levi Parham
“Strong Hand Of Love” - Sierra Hull
“Satellite Sky” - Red Dirt Boys
“Nobody’s Looking” - Humming People
“Freight Train To Nowhere” - North Mississippi Allstars
“Treasure Of The Broken Land” - Buddy Miller
“Lonely Road” - Sarah Potenza
“Look Over Your Shoulder” - Over the Rhine

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