Photography: Alysse Gafkjen

Sixpence None the Richer singer Leigh Nash has returned to her Texas roots for her new album, and she’s sharing her new video with Cowboys & Indians.

You may remember Leigh Nash from her Christian pop band Sixpence None the Richer, of “Kiss Me” fame. But there’s much more to the singer than that one big hit. Lately, the native Texan has been getting back to her roots by adding some country flavor to her new songs on her solo turn The State I’m In.

“‘Doing It Wrong’ is a barrel of fun to sing,” Nash says in a written statement sent to C&I with the video. “I wrote this one with Brendan Benson, and I love its flavor musically and lyrically.” 

The video is a very clever one-take tracking shot following Nash as she walks in slow motion around a diner and dive bar where everyone else is frozen in place. She makes the occasional tweak here and there — moving a hat from a male musician’s head to that of a female fan, taking a beer from one patron and placing it in the hand of another — causing some lighthearted, prankish fun to unravel at the end. It might take a couple watches to get it all, but the song hits the sweet spot between rock grit and pop-country catchiness, so you won’t mind hearing it again. 

“The video for ‘Doing It Wrong’ was so fun to make!” she enthuses. “Most of the people in it are dear friends — that's my favorite part! The story is amazing, so watch closely!” 

Nash is one of six country artists on the rise profiled in “New Year, New Music” in our upcoming January 2016 issue.