Art Gallery: Rachel Dory

Rachel Dory paints in muted colors to suggest an emotion evoked by the largely lonesome landscapes she takes special note of: abandoned gas stations, telephone poles, cows grazing in pastures — iconic images that most people can relate to no matter where they’re from.

Art Gallery: Kathryn Mapes Turner

Although artist Kathryn Mapes Turner enjoys painting various animals, she is best-known for her horses and cranes. When she was …

Art Gallery: Another Frontier — Frederic Remington’s East

An exhibition offering an important opportunity to see a Western master afresh is on view at the Sid Richardson Museum …

Art Gallery: Jeremy Winborg

First and foremost, artist Jeremy Winborg is a family man. The married father of five even runs his art business …

Art Gallery: Tracy Stuckey

Tracy Stuckey’s riveting paintings are at once whimsical and unsettling. His fascination with the “Ralphlaurenization” of the West informs his …

Jason Rich

For all the honors his painting has brought him and has much as he loves the Western art world, it’s the family-focused Western lifestyle that Jason Rich considers the most important.

Franklin D. Speyers’ West of the Imagination

C&I talks with the Michigan-based painter about his artistic journey, which began in the Netherlands and eventually landed him in the American West.