cinco de mayo

Recipes: Dishes for Cinco de Mayo

As much as we’d like to think we could be sustained solely by cocktails, eating is important too. C&I recommends …

A Cocktail to Commemorate Cinco de Mayo

A tasty new cocktail, La Batalla de Puebla, pays homage to the battle celebrated every Cinco de Mayo.

Cocktail Recipe: TX Whiskey TX Mex

Looking ahead to Cinco de Mayo, here is a refreshing cocktail that skips the obvious spirit.

Cocktail Recipe: Boiler Nine Bar + Grill’s Tequila Rose

Looking ahead: For Cinco de Mayo, you could go the typical off-the-liquor-store margarita route. Or you could give the celebration finesse with this elegant cocktail.

Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Raise a glass to the party-pleasing drink.

Recipes: Cinco de Mayo Preview of Santa Fe Cocktail Week

Raise a glass to Cinco de Mayo and Santa Fe cocktails.