Tony Stromberg

Renowned equine photographer Tony Stromberg searches out and shares the beauty of the horse in all of its unencumbered incarnations.

The 2018 C&I Photo Contest Winner

In a split-second, the winner of our 13th annual photo contest ignites a vibrant vision of the West at its best.

Erika Haight

The Montana-based photographer and adopted member of the Crow talks about the annual Crow Fair, inspiration, tradition, and Western imagery.

Edward S. Curtis and the Really Big Dream

On the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great 20th-century photographer and ethnologist, and the landmark republication of his masterwork, we …

E. Dan Klepper and the Middle of Nowhere

Eighteen years ago, fine art photographer E. Dan Klepper committed to something he’d long dreamed about: He moved to remote Marathon, Texas, 50 miles north of Big Bend National Park. There, he built a gallery and a studio — and a life.

Jody Miller

Photographer Jody Miller calls the West home, but she has chased light across the globe.

Ansel Adams at the Manzanar Relocation Center

Not 10 miles from the famous western film location of Lone Pine, California, photographer Ansel Adams documented a very different chapter of western history at the Manzanar Japanese internment camp.

Wendy Red Star and the Indigenous Voice

This award-winning Crow artist uses striking color, audacious humor, and bold imagery to present themes of race and cultural identity — and to show that being authentically Native American is a thriving, evolving thing.