The Truth About George Armstrong Custer

In his new book, Pulitzer-winning author and historian T.J. Stiles looks deeply into the complex life of one of the country’s most controversial figures.

Anna Martin: Was She the First Female Bank President?

A German immigrant to the Texas Frontier, Anna Martin grew up to be the first female bank president in the state — and possibly the country.

Hitched Horsehair Bridles Have a History Behind Bars

Before they produced license plates, inmates in the West served some artistic time making hitched horsehair bridles.

Sidney Kidman, The Australian Cattle King

The biggest cattle operation on the planet, the Kidman Ranch might never have existed had a 13-year-old Sidney Kidman not run away from home in 1870.

Recollections of a Cowpuncher

He rode with Charles Russell and inspired “Lonesome Dove.” But E.C. “Teddy Blue” Abbott’s life dream was to write a true tale of life on the trail.

The Last Free Apaches

While Hollywood was making its first westerns, the Apaches who never surrendered continued to live free south of the border.

Forgotten Texas Ranger Landmark Rescued

Once featured on Texas’ Most Endangered Places list by Preservation Texas and destined for demolition, the Magnolia Hotel has now been rescued.

Spirit of the Wind

After living in hospitals for most of his teen years, George Attla was an outsider in his home village until he turned to dog sled racing.