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American Craft Beer Week: Three Cheers for Sierra Nevada

After nearly 40 years, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company beers are as fresh as ever.

Welcome to American Craft Beer Week 2017

C&I toasts to the diversity and tastiness of handcrafted beer.

Western Winter Beers

With summer nearing, light and refreshing might be what you thirst for during American Craft Beer Week, but we’ll tip our hat to winter beers, too.

A Conversation With Saint Arnold Brewing Company Cofounder Kevin Bartol

Bartol talks about a brewery’s building blocks, his favorite craft beer flavors, and the hometown feel.

Recipe: The Iconoclast Beer Cocktail

California tiki meets Texas beer at Small Brewpub.

C&I’s Favorite Craft Beers

Cowboys & Indians editors share their current favorite sudsy pints.

Recipe: Wasatch Brew Pub’s Braised Chicken Thighs

While cooking with wine is popular, we recommend adding high-quality suds.

The Craft Beer Revolution

Small beer is experiencing a big, handcrafted boom across the American West.