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TV Recap: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Episode 6 Of 'Vegas'



Sheriff Ralph Lamb and mobster Vincent Savino are reluctant allies -- very reluctant, as a matter of fact -- in a hunt for a chip-forging killer in “The Real Thing,” Episode 6 of Vegas. If you missed all the action Tuesday evening, here are the Top 5 things you need to know before tuning in next week. But be forewarned: This recap is loaded with spoilers.

TAKING A BITE OUT OF CRIME: A leggy showgirl shows up at a dentist’s office, seeking emergency work after loosening a tooth during a rehearsal. But when she awakens from anesthesia, she finds the good doctor dead on the floor. Enter Sheriff Lamb, who quickly deduces the murder has something to do with the victim’s compulsive gambling. So he hauls in the deceased’s colorfully named bookie, Jimmy the Polack, a man with a lengthy rap sheet. (“It’s like reading War and Peace,” Lamb wisecracks.) But Jimmy insists that the dentist recently paid off a $40,000 debt – and it wouldn’t be smart for him to kill such a reliable customer. So the sheriff and Jack Lamb, his deputy brother, do some more investigating, and discover the dentist had a profitable sideline: Forging gambling chips with dental cement.

AGAINST THE ODDS: Thanks to Mia, his vigilant counting-room manager, Vincent Savino learns someone is dispensing counterfeit chips at the Savoy even before the Lamb brothers link the dead dentist to the shady activity. So Vincent and his associates pay a not-so-friendly call on a Vegas low-life who might know who’s behind the counterfeiting, and bring him back to a back room at the Savoy for some enhanced interrogation.

SOMETHING IN COMMON: When Ralph and Jack drop by the casino, they have good news and bad news for Vincent: The dentist won’t be manufacturing counterfeit chips anymore – but someone else may be continuing the criminal activity. Figuring that he and Ralph are in “a mutual interest situation,” Vincent brings the sheriff – but not Jack – into the back room where the prime suspect is being, ahem, questioned. The sheriff suggests that it would be in the suspect’s best interest to reveal all he knows about the manufacturing of counterfeit chips. So the bloodied and beaten fellow tells them stories he’s been told about a novel use for dental cement.

POLITICAL INTRIGUE: Vincent has a bigger problem than fake chips on his mind. Mayor Bennett – currently an odds-on favorite for re-election – has passed a new ordinance allowing for surprise audits of Vegas casino counting rooms by Gaming Commission officers. Determined to rid himself of this nuisance, Vincent asks his PR-savvy wife to tutor a rival candidate, George Grady (Gil Bellows), in the hope of having a more “cooperative” guy in the mayor’s office. Grady prove to be an apt pupil, and offers a very impressive opening statement during his first televised debate with Bennett. Unfortunately, viewers don’t get a chance to see how Bennett responds – one of Vincent’s employees sabotages the transmitter so that the telecast comes to an abrupt end after Grady speaks.

CRIME STORY: Jack and Mia – still very conspicuously attracted to each other – deduce that a single casino cashier cashed all of the dentist’s fake chips. One thing leads to another, Ralph gets the cashier to implicate her boyfriend in the murder of the dentist – and a robbery at the Savoy – and the sheriff arrives at the right place at the right time to arrest the boyfriend before Vincent and his thugs can execute the creep. Ralph and Vincent will never be bosom buddies. But the episode ends with a hint that this likely won’t be their last “mutual interest situation.”       


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