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A Date Night Drink

A Napa Valley cabernet with the sweetness of a Georgia peach

It all began when a country girl from the small rural town of Ringgold, Georgia, fell for a big-city boy from Manhattan Beach, California. Forced to decide which life to lead, Suzanne and Shane Pavitt chose to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but the couple soon realized that the country life doesn’t necessarily afford more rest and relaxation. They found, as Suzanne puts it, that “life doesn’t come with a pause button.” So in the hope of staying connected and preserving the spark, the Pavitts declared a weekly date night. Now every Monday night the couple has a standing date, giving them a chance to enjoy each other’s company and talk about their life together.

Many of the couple’s most important decisions 
were made on date night, including the one that 
sent them down an entirely new career path. One especially memorable Monday 
the couple decided it was their dream to own a winery. So they purchased a property and made the move to Napa Valley. After 10 laborious 
years of hard work and perseverance, Suzanne and Shane are proud to call themselves wine-
makers. Founding the 
Phifer Pavitt Winery, the couple has introduced their original Date Night Cabernet — a customary Napa Valley cabernet with the sweetness of a Georgia peach. “Date Night is not just our wine,” says Suzanne, “it’s a way of life.”



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