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First Ride

C&I's Poem of the Week for 1/11/2012

Papa bought a pony on the day that I turned five,
A promise which he made himself on learning I'd arrive.
He'd never spoke to Mama, just for fear she'd disapprove,
But simply took upon himself this one bodacious move.
Mama couldn't believe her eyes! My joy was uncontrolled!
Mama said to Papa "Tom! How could you be so bold!"
Flashing all a carefree grin, I took an easy jump
And scrambled from the apple box to perch upon his rump.
Danger never came to mind. Fearful? Not the least.
Ho hesitation on my part. I loved that spotted beast.
Pony flashed a toothy grin 'n tossed a shaggy mane.
He cast a glossy glarin' eye as I merrily took the reins.
"Jes' hold yer patience Bubba till I bring the saddle 'round"
But weren't no use of waitin' cause my feet wuz off the ground.
I didn't need no saddle, jest an easy place to set -
When I heard Papa shoutin' "Wait! He ain't been broken yet!"
There was no least suggestion of the thoughts on Pony's mind.
He never moved a muscle of that poised, refined behind
Or showed no hint of hidden fire that hung beneath his tail -
But itchin' feet wuz twitchin' to be whizzin' down the trail.
Well! Pony snorted loudly and then began to prance,
So once a gained my balance, I posed a jockey's stance...
While racin' down the driveway 'round the barn and cross the wood
A'churnin' dust 'n spittin' fire. We sure was movin' good!
He cut a hasty corner past the swing set in the park,
Then circled 'round a chinquapin tree n' might near stripped the bark.
White-knuckled little fingers snatched his mane n' held on tight
While Mama primed the doctor n' Papa looked a fright!
Pretty soon I wore him down, we both was pantin' hard.
Our escapade had ended where we landed in the yard.
That steed was shakin' lather like some cowboy'd rode him down,
And Papa was in trouble... I could tell by Mama's frown.
Now deep down in my memory Papa's Pony plays a part,
Cause the freedom of his spirit will always fire my heart.
But Papa promised Mama he would keep her child alive.
So Papa SOLD a pony, on the day that I turned five.

C&I's poem of the week for 01/11/2012. To submit your poems for consideration, please send them to mail@cowboysindians.com with "poetry" in the subject line. Selected entries will appear online.


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