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Nov 28, 201203:26 PMThe Telegraph

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TV Recap: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Episode 8 Of 'Vegas'

Nov 28, 2012 - 03:26 PM
TV Recap: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Episode 8 Of 'Vegas'


Vincent (Michael Chiklis) worries how his wife Laura (Vinessa Shaw) will react when she learns about his past relationship with a sexy singer.

While Sheriff Ralph Lamb investigates the murder of a medical officer from a nearby Air Force base, Vincent Savino must deal with Johnny Rizzo’s whim-of-iron rule at the Savoy in “Exposure,” Episode 8 of Vegas. If you missed all the action Tuesday evening, here are the Top 5 things you need to know before tuning in Dec. 11 for the next episode. But be forewarned: This recap is loaded with spoilers.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: After knocking off Chicago mob chief Angelo in last week’s episode, Johnny Rizzo has relocated to Las Vegas to establish his hands-on proprietorship of the Savoy. Vincent resents having to serve more or less as Johnny’s underling — but he’s even more upset when he learns Johnny has hired sexy songbird Diane Desmond (Ivana Millicevic) to sing at the Savoy. Turns out that Vincent and Diane had a thing going on back in the day when Vincent was in charge of a mob-run enterprise in Havana. That was eight years ago. But as soon as they’re alone together, Diane makes it clear to Vincent that she wants to resume their relationship — and that she’s been cozying up to Johnny only to get close to Vincent. This disturbs Vincent for any number of reasons, not the least of which being his concern that his wife Laura — who knows he had an affair in Havana, but never learned the identity of his paramour — might figure out why Diane is so eager to be singing at the Savoy.

DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: Business has dipped at bit at the Savoy after last week’s shooting of a deputy in the casino by a hit man who was gunning for Vincent. That’s one reason why Johnny has hired Diane — to attract customers back to Savoy. (Another reason: He’s hot for the gal.) Meanwhile, Mia — Johnny’s daughter, Vincent’s counting-room manager — continues an elaborate scam to skim casino earnings for the mob. When an honest but clueless casino employee discovers evidence of the scam, he dutifully reports to Mia, who in turn reports to Vincent – and her dad. Johnny has a simple solution: Silence the unfortunately observant employee, permanently. Vincent – far more cool-headed and less impulsive than Johnny when it comes to doing things that might attract the attention of gaming commission authorities and law enforcement officials – asks Diane to, ahem, distract Johnny for the evening so he can whisk the employee out of town. Diane agrees, but demands that Vincent give her an expensive necklace worn by Laura. During their heated discussion about her demand, Laura walks into the room – and instantly realizes just who Diane is (or, to be more precise, was).

CRIME STORY: When a medical officer from a nearby Air Force base is found fatally shot on a street in a less-than-luxurious Las Vegas neighborhood, Sheriff Ralph Lamb and his deputies are forced to join forces with an arrogant Air Force investigator to solve the crime. After a rocky start, the partnership pays off: Ralph, his deputies and the investigator discover the medical officer had uncovered proof that radiation-proof suits manufactured by a major military contractor weren’t entirely effective. Some human guinea pigs had been fatally irradiated during tests at the Air Force base – so two officials with the company that manufactured the suits killed the medical officer as part of a cover up. Ralph cleverly lures the bad guys off the base and into his jurisdiction – so he can arrest them.

ANYTHING FOR LOVE: Vincent comes clean with Laura — well, at least as clean as Vincent ever gets — and admits (a) he did indeed have an affair eight years earlier with Diane, and (b) there’s nothing he can do to shoo Diane away from the Savoy as long as Johnny is in charge. So Laura has lunch with her old friend, assistant district attorney Katherine O’Connell. Once again, she tells Katherine that she would never, ever, do or say anything that might incriminate her husband. But her husband’s business associates? Well, that’s another matter entirely. Meanwhile, Ralph ends the episode by taking a few belts of Scotch and thumbing through the police file detailing the circumstances of his wife’s death. A death, we learn, that might not have been as accidental as the audience heretofore has been led to believe.

SIGNS OF THE TIME: While conversing with the Air Force investigator, Ralph talks about his own career as a military police detective, and notes that after what he experienced overseas during and after WWII, Las Vegas seems to him “like Mayberry.” It’s worth noting that The Andy Griffith Show — the TV sitcom that made Mayberry famous — premiered on Oct. 3, 1960. Later in the episode, while Laura and Katherine are lunching, Katherine alludes to the evidently very recent death of Clark Gable. In fact, Gable passed away on Nov. 16, 1960. All of which raises the question: Is there some reason why the writers are being so specific about the time period? Are we being set up for a very special Christmas episode? Or — given Vincent’s Havana connection — will we soon have an episode involving the April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion? 

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