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Stone Cold Steve Austin: I'd Love to Do a Western

Mar 30, 2012 - 09:28 AM
Stone Cold Steve Austin: I'd Love to Do a Western

Photography by Rodney Bursiel

Stone Cold on his Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas.

Editor's Note: What you'll find below are more goodies from our April interview with wrestling icon and film star Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Since the late 1990s Steve Austin has been recasting his hypertalkative ringmaster guise into an action film tough guy of few words. In addition to roles in feature films (The Longest Yard, The Condemned, The Expendables), Austin has starred in a string of direct-to-DVD projects. He has played a boxer (Knockout), a border patrol agent (Hunt to Kill), a SWAT team captain (Tactical Force), and an ex-cop-turned-vigilante (Recoil). At press time he was shooting Maximum Conviction in Vancouver, British Columbia, with Steven Seagal and is slated to start filming another as-yet-unnamed “high-adrenaline” action flick in early 2012. Yet Austin yearns to swap his tough-guy temperament on the screen for a comedic disposition on the ranch.

Cowboys & Indians: How do wrestling and acting compare?

Steve Austin: I was really in my element in the professional wrestling and sports entertainment business. When I created the character Stone Cold Steve Austin, I got to be that guy for several years. Everything was on the fly. It was ad-lib and impromptu. That’s the world I’m comfortable in. So when I’m trying to remember dialogue and when I’m trying to create a different character, I’m still learning how to do that. I don’t think I’m as effective as I would like to be one of these days.

C&I: You got to do both — act and rumble — with Sylvester Stallone. What was that like?

Austin: Intense. We fought for two damn days. We fought like cats and dogs. That guy, however old he is, he’s a damn warrior. I’ve looked up to him for so long. When I saw Rocky back in the day, I was that kid drinking eggs in the morning running down the street like an idiot. To get a chance to work with him all these years later was a blast.  

C&I: Have you ever thought of doing a western?

Austin: We were going to start working on a western. The wheels fell off somewhere. I’d love to do a damn western.

C&I: Who are some of your favorite western actors?

Austin: Lee Van Cleef. And that damn Clint Eastwood — I’m a big Clint fan. And John Wayne with all of the westerns he did. Those would be my go-to guys right there.

C&I: Have you ever thought of doing a project involving improv?

Austin: I have thought about that, and we’re kind of working on a comedic thing right now. We’re actually going to try and film that at the ranch. It’s kind of an action spoof. I enjoy laughing my ass off all day. And I’d rather be a funny guy than a tough guy any day of the week.

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