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TV Recap: Top 5 Things To Know About 'Dallas,' Season 2, Episode 3

Feb 5, 2013 - 05:16 PM
TV Recap: Top 5 Things To Know About 'Dallas,' Season 2, Episode 3


Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) seeks help from a surprising source.

After TNT kicked off Season 2 by airing two back-to-back episodes last week, things are back to normal -- relatively speaking -- on Dallas. If you missed all the drama Monday evening during the hour-long Episode 3 -- provocatively titled "Sins of the Father" -- here are the Top 5 things you need to know before tuning in next week. But be forewarned: There are a whole mess of spoilers here, folks.

MURDER WILL OUT: Christopher more or less drags the real Rebecca to the cops to file a missing-persons report for her brother, the conspicuously missing Tommy Sutter, in the hope of incriminating the fake Rebecca – Pamela Barnes – who left a self-incriminating voice mail message on Tommy’s cell phone. Of course, Christopher doesn’t know that the cell-phone was sent to him by Frank, Pamela’s father’s right-hand man, who bitterly resents the cavalier way Pamela’s been treating him.  And neither Christopher nor the real Rebecca (heretofore known as Becky) knows that Tommy is very seriously dead, fatally shot during a tussle with Pamela.

THE PLOT THICKENS: After taking care of business with Christopher at the police station, Becky sashays over to Pamela’s office, and demands $1 million. Otherwise, she says, she’ll recant the courtroom testimony she gave last week, and thus help Christopher obtain an annulment, not a divorce, to dissolve his marriage to Pamela. Pamela turns to Frank, and requests that he rid her of this problem. Mind you, she stresses that she isn’t asking for any rough stuff. But since this is Frank she’s talking to, the same guy who helped her dispose of Tommy’s inconvenient corpse, viewers can’t help but expect the worst. And sure enough: When the cops tell Christopher that they found “high-velocity blood splatter” in Pamela’s old condo, Christopher texts Becky to warn her that her life may be in danger, so Becky high-tails it out of her hotel room – only to find Frank waiting just outside her door. And he doesn’t look like he’s there to help her with her suitcase.

PLOTS AND COUNTERPLOTS: With John Ross and Pamela in bed together – literally as well as figuratively – bad things begin to happen. Acting on advice from his father, this irrepressible J.R., John Ross convinces his mom, Sue Ellen, that she should threaten to call in the loan she made to Elena early last season. (Elena used the cash to buy oil leases on “the Henderson land,” but stopped drilling once she encountered a salt dome.) Why? John Ross hopes to gain control of Elena’s shares of Ewing Energies – and, while he’s at it, “destroy” Elena and Christopher. But Elena has an ace in the hole – or so she thinks. Andres “Drew” Ramos (Kuno Becker), Elena’s ne’er-do-well brother, has cleaned up his act, gotten clean and sober, and returned to Dallas with a hankering to get into the oil business. At first, Drew hopes to reclaim the land where their father tried (and failed) to find black gold. But Elena convinces him to instead help her drill on – yes, you guessed it -- the aforementioned Henderson land. As soon as John Ross hears about this, however, he starts flashing some cash in front of the guy who’ll be in charge of the actual drilling, and suggests that, gee, it sure might not be a shame if something delayed that drilling…

OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS:  Frank gets back to his apartment after, ahem, taking care of Pamela’s problem – and finds J.R. waiting to greet him. “It’s a sad day,” J.R. drawls, “when an old man can sneak up on a super ninja.” Before Frank can return the insult by expressing himself nonverbally, J.R. points out that if, as now appears likely, Tommy Sutter is dead, Frank’s employer – longtime Ewing family nemesis Cliff Barnes, Pamela’s father – will make sure Frank, not Pamela, is arrested for the foul deed. On the other hand, J.R. adds, if Tommy’s body were found, Pamela might be the one who'd take the fall. Frank is skeptical – he figures that, if the corpse really did pop up, Cliff would assume Frank was responsible. But J.R. reassures him: “Frank, I’m J.R. Ewing. I can make a body appear in the middle of a church social without anybody knowing how it got there. We both want to destroy Pamela.” And to seal the deal, J.R. adds: “It’s a rare and beautiful thing when enemies share the same enemy.”

TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT: John Ross confronts Pamela after he hears about the “high-velocity blood splatter” – and sounds convinced (or at least pretends to be convinced) when she indicates she shot Tommy in self-defense. And then, of course, they start ripping each other’s clothes off. Meanwhile, back at Southfolk, J.R. is astonished – and more than a little pleased – when Bobby asks for his help in punishing Harris for snatching his daughter, Emma, away from Ann – Harris’ ex-wife, Bobby’s current spouse, Emma’s mother -- all those years ago. (As we learned last week: Harris and his mom, Judith, raised Emma to adulthood in far-off England.) Now that Emma is a grown-up, and the statute of limitations has passed, the law can’t do anything about Harris’ evildoing. But as Bobby knows all too well, J.R. is above the law. “Don’t you worry, little brother,” J.R. promises Bobby. “This is going to be my masterpiece.” But the Ewing brothers are too late: Ann goes over to Harris’ house, listens to him brag about how he took away their daughter as “revenge” for her threat to divorce him – then pulls a gun out of her purse, and shoots the SOB right in the chest.

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