Roanoke give C&I a first look at their music video for “Tennessee Stone.”

Off of their highly anticipated sophomore album, Where I Roam, out now, Americana folk group Roanoke launched their first single, “Tennessee Stone,” a dreamy tune about love and heartbreak.

The Nashville-based group — composed of Taylor Dupuis (vocals, guitar), Joey Beesley (vocals, lead guitar), Zach Nowak (mandolin, vocals, guitar), Kyle Breese (percussion, harmonica), and John Florentino (guitar) — delights in distinctive harmonies and sweeping sounds.

The melodic track “Tennessee Stone” easily invites singing along with the confident guitar, plucky mandolin, and ample harmonies.

The infectious rhythm and mood carry through in the video, which takes an equally spirited look at the intricacies of relationships.

Front and center are real-life couple Beesley and Dupuis, who play an estranged couple working their way back toward each other. Hauntingly shot at a small country farm, the video cuts between slow-motion shots, artsy interludes, and intimate moments of reflection, effectively evoking a feeling of absence.

Get an exclusive first look at the video for “Tennessee Stone,” below.

For more information on Roanoke and their upcoming tour dates, visit their website. Photography: Courtesy Robbie Larsen.

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