Get an exclusive first look at Hawktail’s new music video for their track “In the Kitchen.”

Acoustic group Haas Kowert Tice — composed of fiddler Brittany Haas, strings player Paul Kowert, and guitarist Jordan Tice — and gifted mandolinist Dominick Leslie joined forces to create the instrumental super group Hawktail.

Their collaborative new album, Unless, out now, provides a modern and energetic take on classic Americana. It’s a testament to their musicianship that they can captivate so fully without vocals.

Standouts on the record include the gritty violin-driven opener, “Abbzug”; the build-to-a-frenzy “Boatwoman”; the airy, fun “Frog and Toad”; and the elegantly simple “In the Kitchen.”

Dusted with slow bass pickings, longwinded violin strums, and steady guitar work, “In the Kitchen” creates a pure and tranquil respite. It’s a sanctuary of a song.

“This is a tune that came together somewhat spontaneously in my kitchen,” Kowert says. “The spacious church we recorded this in lends a beautiful reverberation to the sound.”

The music video for “In the Kitchen” offers a fitting cinematic representation of the track. Filmed as a live performance in a church, the video pairs the evocative audio with equally evocative visual close-ups. It’s as authentic as live music gets unless you’re in the room with it.

Watch the video for “In the Kitchen,” below.

For more information on Hawktail and their new album, visit their website. Photography: Courtesy Jody March.

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