Rising country singer Sam Lewis releases a music video for his new album’s title track, “Loversity.”

With groovy country tunes and a classic country twang, rising country star Sam Lewis is making powerful waves in the industry.

Recently dubbed a “modern-day Townes Van Zandt” by country superstar Chris Stapleton, Lewis puts his bluesy riffs, soulful rootsy voice, and blaring trumpets on display in a colorful psychedelic mirrored music video for his new album’s title track, “Loversity.”

“There were many ideas for making my ‘Loversity’ video, but this direction made the most sense,” Lewis says. “As simple as it may appear, it was extremely difficult for me to find the same comfort my costar [Johanna Chunn] is able to express in front of the camera, especially given how conservative my actions are on stage during live performances. The Loversity album has many concepts, and one of them is simply recognizing what makes us uncomfortable and learning how to ask for help. You’re simply watching us celebrate the spirit of this one concept and we hope it encourages you to try and do the same.”

The video for “Loversity” lives up to its name and is sure to get you grooving on the dance floor. Get an exclusive first look below.

For more information on Sam Lewis, visit his website. Photography: Ryan Musick.

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