Indie folk band The 502s release their new single, “According to Me,” exclusively with C&I.

Orlando, Florida-based indie folk band The 502s gather crowds with their rambunctious energy, stomping sounds, blaring trumpets, and charismatic personalities. The feel-good vibe holds true with their cheery new single, “According to Me,” a tune that manages to be self-reflective even as it’s fast-paced.

"This was one of the very last songs written before heading into the studio,” says Ed Isola. “Ironically it’s become something of an anthem for our band. The song is about a feeling of joy and community, a love for music, and the freedom that comes with being whoever you think you can and should be.”

The close camaraderie in their music and performances derives not just from that philosophy but also from the fact that the band’s made up of cousins: Ed Isola, Jake Isola, and Jonathan Ruiz. The name The 502s comes from the address of their first family home (coincidentally and amusingly, it’s also the police code for drunk and disorderly conduct).

A great roll-the-windows-down track, “According to Me” shines like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day — lively, confident, and full of optimism.

“It’s literally inspired by a dream I had about this huge party at our grandpa’s house,” Isola says. “In the dream we were sitting at his grand piano with hundreds of people packed into his living room all singing and dancing and cheers-ing drinks. Out of nowhere some of our musical idols start walking through the front door. I remember dreaming that Scott Avett sat down on the piano between my cousin Jonathan and I. We were so intimidated and didn’t know what to do until he finally said, ‘Are you boys gonna sing along or what?’”

Get a first listen to The 502s’ “According to Me” below.

For more information on The 502s and their upcoming album, visit their website.

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