Photo: Deborah Rosenthal

Americana artist RJ Comer premieres his music video for “All Over Again” from his debut album, One Last Kiss.

Nashville singer-songwriter RJ Comer has lived a life full of plot twists. The outlaw hit a rough patch after dropping out of music school before turning his life around to earn a full scholarship to law school. Now the reformed lawyer is getting a second chance at his original dream with the release of his debut album, One Last Kiss, available now.

Comer’s new music video for the song “All Over Again” mirrors Comer’s real life with its nod to hardworking individuals.

“I spent decades getting up early and going to work, desperate to linger a few precious minutes in bed with my wife,” Comer says. “‘All Over Again’ is about working for a living, putting up with clueless bosses, and doing it all with a smile because you’re doing it for someone you love.”

Produced by Shawn Byrne and directed by Bill Filipiak (who makes a cameo appearance), the video features Nashville blues cat Sheldon Ziro on harp.

“Director Bill Filipiak wanted the video to be very genuine, so he shot it on and around our property in Tennessee — that’s my own truck and tools. Bill took some license by stepping in to play the clueless boss,” Comer says.

Watch the music video below.

For more information on RJ Comer and his new album, One Last Kiss, visit his website.