Photography: Courtesy Hearth Music

C&I has an exclusive first listen to Western Centuries’ new single, “Warm Guns,” from their upcoming album, Songs From the Deluge, out April 6.

Country super group Western Centuries’ new single, “Warm Guns,” is like sipping whiskey on a bad day. The sulking track ponders pain and misery but manages a taste of resolution. Backed by long steel-guitar licks and a steady drumbeat, the song is the kind of timeless traditional track to tip your glass to.

The album closer from the upcoming Songs From the Deluge, “Warm Guns” features songwriter Cahalen Morrison brooding in Spanish about being the victim of his own flaws, adding a refreshing level of self-awareness worth meditating on.

“‘Warm Guns’ is a song about love, pain, and reconciliation — both the personal and universal sense of it all. Being from New Mexico, and now living in Seattle, there’s a constant feeling of weaving together the music and people I grew up with to the world I currently live in,” Morrison says. “It’s a monumental change and I wrote this song with that in mind, but also in the grander sense of how these feelings might play out in other people’s lives. We recorded down in Eunice, Louisiana, last August, and while tracking, thunderstorms would roll through and we’d have to wait them out, and then the bugs would be chirping. It added such a great vibe to the record.”

Western Centuries melds three principal songwriters — Morrison (known for his earlier work with Eli West), Ethan Lawton (Zoe Muth and The Lost High Rollers), and Jim Miller (Donna the Buffalo) — from vastly different geographies to create an interesting perspective on different Western sounds, and, as their website cleverly puts it, turn spilled beer into ballads. It’s breath-of-fresh-air authentic country you can click your boots to, with smart, cool songs that stay with you long after the dance-hall floor’s been mopped.

Songs From the Deluge comes out April 6. Take a listen to the track “Warm Guns” below.

For more information on Western Centuries and their upcoming tour dates, visit their website.

Songs from the Deluge will be out April 6 on Free Dirt Records.