C&I has an exclusive first listen to country artist Leslie Tom’s new single, “Born Too Late,” off of her upcoming LP, Ain’t It Something, Hank Williams.

Leslie Tom’s new 10-track LP, Ain’t It Something, Hank Williams, considers Tom’s own journey in life as it intertwines with Hank Williams-inspired tales of addiction, love, heartache, and loss. Set for release on March 23, the album features six original songs along with four Williams hits.

C&I has an exclusive preview of one of the new original tunes: the two-steppin’ single “Born Too Late.”

A love song to the legendary singer-songwriter once dubbed the Hillbilly Shakespeare, “Born Too Late” showcases Tom’s country twang and reflective lyrics. The track’s gliding steel guitar and perpetual drumbeat can’t help but charm listeners into reminiscing about the late, great Williams.

“I always tell people if Hank and I lived in the same time, we’d be a ‘thing.’ I'm mesmerized by his songwriting and music,” says Tom. “The one and only influence for this song is Hank Williams.”

The track was co-written by Texas songwriter Linda Koehl, Tom’s longtime friend and writing partner.

“Linda and I live three states away and usually get together several times a year to write. This was not one of those times,” Tom says. “I had the idea and a few lines and part of the chorus and sent that to her. She added her two cents — which is usually more like 50 million — and before I knew it we had ourselves a song.”

Check out the Williams-inspired honky-tonk track below.

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